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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The Government Construction Strategy was published by the Cabinet office on 31 May 2011. This report announced the Governments intention that all centrally procured contracts should be collaborative Level 2 BIM by 2016. The key objective of this approach is to reduce the capital cost and the carbon burden from the construction and operation of the built environment by 20%.

What are the levels of BIM and how can Keysoft Solutions software help?

LEVEL 0 – A mix of CAD and paper based systems that allows for the exchange of information between all parties, albeit unstructured and inconsistent. Most design professionals have used this for many years.

LEVEL 1 - Managed CAD in a 2D or 3D format based on BS1192:2007 and using a collaboration tool that provides a common data environment, with some standard data structures and formats. All Keysoft Solutions Software offers you LEVEL 1 BIM Maturity

LEVEL 2 – 2D CAD with managed 3D data that can be held in separate “BIM” tools with data attached. Information can be exchanged with supporting documentation for collaborative working and brought together into a single federated model to support the decision making process. Ideally you can identify and resolve issues in the virtual world before you start on site, where mistakes can be costly and cause project delays.

The Government have identified that Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) will be the leading edge method of data exchange. COBie can be used to organise and document both information about the assets and is simple enough that it can be edited using a spreadsheet.

Keysoft Solutions Software offers you proprietary LEVEL 2 BIM Maturity because it provides:

• 2D CAD standards that can be shared, using AutoCAD
• Managed 3D where required
• Supporting documentation, including schedules that can be exported for incorporation into COBie spreadsheets

LEVEL 3 - A fully integrated and collaborative process enabled by 'web services' and compliant with emerging Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standards. This level of BIM is still to be realised or fully defined but will utilise construction sequencing (4D), cost information (5D) and project lifecycle management information (6D).

Keysoft Solutions Software will continue to provide solutions that meet the increasing needs of designers to work within a BIM environment.

To summarise, the graduation from Level 0 to Level 3 will mean:

• Collaborative and integrated teamwork bringing everyone involved on a project closer together at the earliest stage
• Standards covering definitions and terms
• New procurement processes and contracts realigned to match new working methods
• Integration of all software enabling concurrent design
• Ultimately BIM data will be used to realise project Time, Cost and Facilities Management (often referred to now as 4D, 5D and 6D) over the lifetime of the asset.
• Keysoft Solutions Software offers you LEVEL 1 and proprietary LEVEL 2 BIM Maturity
• Keysoft Solutions Software will continue to develop software that will meet the demands of its customers in the future and enable them to work towards achieving BIM Level 3 maturity as these requirements emerge.

In order to help with the understanding of BIM and how you can become BIM compliant, we have created the three downloads and a BIM Webinar:


"Whilst I had a fair idea of what BIM means for our business, Keysoft Solutions presentation set it out very clearly for me and I will use this to help “train” our engineers and technicians as to why and how we will comply with BIM Level 2” Rob McCartney Design Manager - Area 7, Aone+