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The new Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Autodesk industry collection is now available – this collection offers greater flexibility and choice with both single-user access and multi-user access subscriptions and multiple term lengths to fit your business needs (quarterly, annual, and multi-year). The AEC Autodesk industry collection provides you with the following benefits:

 Greater Value

A wide range of the most essential software and services providing value that well exceeds the premium suites at a very competitive price point.

The AEC collection contains an impressive suite of software and includes:

• Revit (Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, Revit Structure)
• AutoCAD
• AutoCAD Civil 3D

Other Software Included:

• Navisworks Manage
• AutoCAD Architecture
• AutoCAD Electrical
• AutoCAD Map 3D
• AutoCAD P&ID
• AutoCAD Plant 3D
• AutoCAD Raster Design
• Vehicle Tracking
• 3ds Max

Cloud Services included:

• Rendering in A360
• AutoCAD 360 Pro
• FormIt 360 Pro
• InfraWorks 360
• Insight 360 (includes Energy Analysis for Revit, Lighting Analysis for Revit, Green Building Studio)
• ReCap 360 Pro
• Structural Analysis for Revit


 Greater Flexibility and Choice

Offering both single-user and multi-user access and multiple term lengths to fit your business needs.



What are the key benefits of subscribing to an AEC Autodesk industry collection?

An AEC Autodesk industry collection provides you with the following benefits:

• Access to a wide selection of the most essential Autodesk software in a single collection that will evolve and get better over time
• Continuous access to the latest software releases and enhancements
• Flexible term lengths (quarterly, annual, multi-year)
• Both single-user (individual) and multi-user (shared) access offered
• Previous Version Rights
• Global Travel Rights
• Access to more cloud services
• Technical support
• Administrative tools

What are some of the differences between the industry collections and the Design & Creation Suites?

Industry collections provide a superior experience to that of the Design & Creation Suites in the following ways:

Greater Value - Industry collections provide you value that well exceeds the Premium Suites at a very competitive price point.
Continuous Improvement - Industry collections are designed to continuously evolve to provide access to new applications and cloud services to meet your changing business needs with improved workflows. By supporting the demands of your business as it changes, you will receive access to new technology when it becomes available, rather than waiting for a new product release once a year.
Greater Flexibility and Choice - Subscriptions to Industry collections will be available with single-user and multi-user access and the choice of different term lengths, giving you greater flexibility to choose the option that fits your business needs. Today, subscriptions to the Design & Creation Suites are available for single-user access only.
More Cloud Services - You will receive access to more cloud services than are currently available in the Design and Creation Suites, giving you more opportunity to leverage the computing power of the cloud.

In addition, when you subscribe to a collection with multi-user access, you will be able to grant shared access to cloud services, whereas with Suites, customers are limited to a single named user per cloud service.

Will I be able to switch my subscription to an industry collection subscription?

Yes, Autodesk will provide a convenient way for you to switch your existing subscription(s) to an industry collection.

Will I be able to switch to industry collections during my subscription? 

Yes, in October 2016, you will be able to switch during your current subscription term. 

What options will I have if I want to switch to an industry collection?

Autodesk plans on providing a convenient way for you to switch your annual, 2 or 3-year subscription during your current subscription for the following:


From To
Individual Product Industry Collection
Design and Creation Suite Industry Collection


Will I be able switch from a perpetual license on a maintenance plan to an industry collection?

No, switching from a perpetual license on a maintenance plan will not be available until a later time.

Do I need to download the entire industry collection?

No, you do not need to download the entire industry collection. Pick and choose the individual products that you want to use from within the collection, then download and install what you want, whenever you like.

Will I need an Internet connection to use an industry collection?

The table below outlines the Internet connection requirements for an industry collection, depending on the type of software or service you’ve chosen to use.

Desktop Software with:   Cloud Services
single-user access multi-user access  
Users need to connect to the internet at least once every 30 days after initial activation Internet access not required An internet connection is always required in order to access cloud services.


If my company has a subscription to a collection with multi-user access does that mean that multiple users can access the applications within the collection and only use one license?

No, if a user checks out a license for a collection from the network server they’re checking out a license for the entire collection. The user can use any product in the collection for as long as they have the license checked out, but the products will not be available for use by another user.

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