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A cost effective, standalone solution that includes an AutoCAD engine, enabling you to quickly design landscape projects and easily collaborate with your design partners


Cuts your design time in half, eliminates errors and improves collaboration, allowing you to better respond to your client’s needs, build credibility and win more business

Landscape Design Software


KeySCAPE LT is a standalone solution designed to cover a variety of landscape design functions. From concept and detailed design, to contract documentation and more, KeySCAPE LT is a suite of tools compiled to make your life easier. Our approach is fully flexible, allowing you to customize the system as much as you would like, managing your processes and streamlining your workflows with pinpoint accuracy.

KeySCAPE LT supports BIM, By providing all the tools a Landscape Architect requires in a single application, you have the ability to create and edit your designs as often as you want. This helps improve accuracy, speed of modification, and minimizes errors KeySCAPE LT encourages the perfect combination of artistic capability and compliance to standards. Our software allows you to compile all of your data in one place, rather than rely on different applications..

What People are Saying

The main reason we chose KeySCAPE was because of the high quality support we receive.

CF Landscape

The advantage comes in making quick amendments to layouts. A case for why KeySCAPE should always be used for even the simplest of proposals.

The Landscape Agency

KeySCAPE LT Highlights

  • KeySCAPE LT includes its own AutoCAD (OEM) engine. This allows for easy collaboration with DWG.

  • Create ground models direct from contours or point data.

  • Calculate volumes and optimize your site design to balance cut and fill.

  • Analyze any slopes within the site and observe how water runs off the slopes, or how it could flood.

  • Assess and mitigate for the impact new features could have on the landscape and environment.

  • Design and perform calculations on any size of irrigation.

  • Accurately calculate the amount of materials and equipment to produce cost estimates.

  • Utilize our database of over 8000 plants. You can add your own or import them from your preferred lists.

  • Develop dynamic planting and paving schedules as well as ensure your drawing is up to date.

  • Utilise the 3D visualization and plotting tools.

KeySCAPE In Detail

KeySCAPE LT - Technical Specifications


Product Name




Release Date

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Technical Specification

We offer the following recommended specification for the PC.
This is based on the requirements from Autodesk for the latest version of KeySCAPE LT and KeyTREE LT, which is powered by the latest AutoCAD 2019 (OEM) engine.
If you are running an earlier version of KeySCAPE LT or KeyTREE LT, it may be possible to run with a reduced specification.

Supported operating systems:
• Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 with KB4019990 (64-bit only)
• Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 with Update KB2919355 (64-bit only)
• Microsoft® Windows® 10 Anniversary Update (64-bit only) (version 1607 or higher)

Basic • 2.5-2.9 GHz processor
• 3+ GHz processor
Hardware Memory:
Basic • 8 GB Recommended • 16 GB

Display resolution
Conventional Displays:
1920x1080 with True Color

High Resolution & 4K Displays:
Minimum 1024x768. Resolutions up to 3840x2160 supported on Windows 10, 64 bit systems (with capable display card)

Disk space
6.0 GB

Pointing device
MS-Mouse compliant

Multiple processors
Should be supported by the application

Display card
• 1 GB GPU with 29 GB/s Bandwidth and DirectX11 compliant
• 4 GB GPU with 106 GB/s Bandwidth and DirectX11 compliant

Other Details

KeySCAPE LT and KeyTREE LT is available for 64-bit operating systems only.