Airside Marking Software - AeroSTRIPE

Airside Marking Software - AeroSTRIPE

Boost your airside marking productivity with AeroSTRIPE.

Here is where you can learn all you need about AeroSTRIPE, an airside marking design software that has been created to allow you to visualize any markings you want with ease and accuracy.

It offers a range of features that will improve the management of any airside marking projects you may have. From runways to aprons, and everything in between – AeroSTRIPE is versatile planning software designed to make your life easier.

AeroSTRIPE will help you design Runways, Taxiways and Aprons using its extensive catalogue of ICAO and FAA markings. It includes standard road text markings and pre-renders symbols to the correct size.

AeroSTRIPE allows you to create complex airside designs easily. You can ensure that you create airside markings following best practice each and every time. This is airport design software with a difference.

Introducing AeroSTRIPE

AeroSTRIPE is aimed at airport vehicle logistics Managers and will help you design your apron and runway markings. It offers the ability to accurately draw airside markings, with ‘grip’ editing providing effortless re-working of designs.

Boost your Airside Design productivity

AeroSTRIPE Onboarding Videos

A selection of help videos presented and produced by the experts at Keysoft Solutions. The videos below give you an overview of how AeroSTRIPE can help you accurately draw airside markings.

There are five onboarding videos below, read on to find out what each video contains.

Video 1 - An Introduction to AeroSTRIPE -  is the starting point for new user

Video 2 - Runway Markings - shows some of the items available for creating markings on or around the runway

Video 3 - Linear Types of Markings - shows the line types of markings that can be created

Video 4 - Symbols and Text - shows how symbols and markings can be created

Video 5 - Complex Multi-Line Markings - shows how to produce a set of markings in one go

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