KeySCAPE 12 Preview - Pt2

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KeySCAPE 12 Preview - Pt2

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Last month we highlighted some of the fantastic features that will be included in KeySCAPE version 12, which is due for release this Spring. Well, there is so much to talk about, as promised, we can now bring you Part 2!

Here are just a few more of the many great enhancements coming your way in version 12:


  • Single Clone Command – no separate commands for cloning objects, now you have a single button that allows you to select the source object and clone it to new AutoCAD geometry
  • Match Properties – match the properties, graphics and/or specification, from one object to another of the same type, e.g. planting area to planting area, significantly speeding up editing time
  • Move Species Groups –  reassign a plant to another species group, within the drawing without changing the database. You can even assign the plant to a different group within plant lists and mixes

Watch out for the announcement of the release of KeySCAPE version 12 soon!