Compatibility Check-In


Compatibility Check-In

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

To ensure that you are always working most efficiently and with minimum of issues, Keysoft Solutions always encourages customers to run the latest and greatest versions of our software. However, we strive to maintain support for several older versions of our products, where possible. We know that public agencies may not have access or budget to install and run the latest and greatest operating systems or CAD software. We also know that the change-cost of upgrading your hardware and software is not insignificant for any office. Our current policy is to maintain support for the equivalent versions of AutoCAD to that offered by Autodesk, plus one additional year.

With the latest releases, this means we are now supporting the latest AutoCAD 2020 platform, but also versions back to AutoCAD 2016 and the system requirements that go along with these releases. This is particularly relevant this year as there are several technologies that are reaching their end-of-life:

32-bit Versions

At the end of last year, Autodesk announced there will no longer be a 32-bit offering of their AutoCAD products. This is to ensure a better customer experience and enhanced performance. Consequently, AutoCAD 2020 versions are now available as 64-bit versions only.

In line with Autodesk’s lead, our AutoCAD 2020-compatible releases of AutoLUX, AeroSTRIPE, AutoSTRIPE, KeySCAPE, and KeySCAPE LT will be available as 64-bit installers only. 32-bit versions will no longer be available as there is very little market demand for the platform and it delivers a very poor customer experience.


Does your LandCADD interface look like this?

If so, please be aware that this version of LandCADD is only compatible to run with versions up to AutoCAD 2015, which is no longer supported by Autodesk. This means that unforeseen updates to Windows or third-party software may cause conflicts with your AutoCAD software that we may not be able to resolve. Legacy-LandCADD users should be aware that in the event of a system failure, they may have trouble sourcing AutoCAD 2015 and Keysoft Solutions product installers. Please make sure copies of these are maintained by you and that your systems are adequately backed up to guard against any potential issues.

It is encouraged that legacy-LandCADD users migrate to the latest version of KeySCAPE to maintain compatibility with the latest AutoCAD and Windows releases. Access to the latest KeySCAPE software is included as part of a Keysoft service agreement. If you have any questions regarding compatibility and upgrade pathways, please reach out to us at