AutoCAD 2020 Compatible Updates

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AutoCAD 2020 Compatible Updates

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We are pleased to announce the release of the following software that offers support for AutoCAD 2020 and its vertical platforms:

  • AutoSTRIPE 4.1
  • AeroSTRIPE 4.1
  • AutoLUX 9.2
  • KeySCAPE 12.0
  • KeySCAPE LT 12.0

Apart from offering support for AutoCAD 2020, AutoSTRIPE 4.1 also offers support for Bentley OpenRoads.

KeySCAPE and KeySCAPE LT 12.0

Version 12.0 of KeySCAPE will run with AutoCAD 2016 through to AutoCAD 2020, and its vertical platforms, and KeySCAPE LT is available for AutoCAD 2020 only. In addition to providing compatibility for the latest AutoCAD 2020, version 12 includes the following new and exciting features:

  • Hardworks specifications and schedules
  • Softworks workflow enhancements
  • Pre-configured US database option
  • Extended grip editing
  • 3D tree pits or rootballs
  • Single clone command
  • Match properties

For a more in depth look at the latest features please see our KeySCAPE v12 New Features webinar recording.

KeySCAPE version 12.0 will install alongside your current installation(s). Drawings saved in version 12 can only be viewed as non-editable drawings in earlier versions of KeySCAPE.

To download the latest version of your software, visit our support website. 

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to setup a support account to gain access to latest downloads and manage your license(s).

Remember, when upgrading from an earlier software version, you will need to apply a upgrade activation code. This code can be found under the "Licenses" area of the support page and can be accessed when downloading your software.

Please feel free to contact our support team for more information.