3D Landscape Design Software

3D Landscape Design Software

3D Landscape Design Software

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We are excited to announce the AutoCAD 2018* compatible realeases of KeySCAPE LandCADD and KeySCAPE LandCADD LT.

This release includes a significant uplift in BIM functionality, particularly the ability to share your data rich models with others, using the new Export to IFC. This adds to our existing Export to Revit feature that is already helping organisations to streamline their BIM workflow, read more.

This is just the first of many steps we will roll out in the next few releases that will further extend the capability of our BIM and 3D Landscape Design Software.

In addition to the enhanced BIM functionality, this release also includes:

  • Improvements to the management of drawing units
  • Support for Architectural units
  • Support for LandXML 1.2
  • 3D Landscape Design Software: Flatten command moving 3D objects to a zero elevation
  • Further Performance Improvements

You can download the latest version from our website.

When upgrading from an earlier version of KeySCAPE LandCADD, you will need to apply an update activation code. This code can be found under the “My Licences” area of the Support page and can be accessed when downloading your software.

If you have any questions about the latest version of KeySCAPE LandCADD including how it can be used to support your BIM process, please feel free to contact our support team.

*KeySCAPE LandCADD offers support for all previous versions of AutoCAD back to AutoCAD 2014, and the vertical equivalents, including Map 3D and Civil 3D. 
KeySCAPE LandCADD LT offers compatibility latest AutoCAD 2018, along with an updated version that still supports AutoCAD 2017.