Our Ultimate Landscape Architecture Software

Planting Plan inside KeySCAPE LandCADD

Our Ultimate Landscape Architecture Software

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the ultimate landscape architecture software KeySCAPE. It has been fully released in the USA and endorsed as a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

KeySCAPE is our ultimate suite, designed to provide landscape architects with all the tools they need to create truly unique and inspirational landscapes. It has a full set of features to enable the user to design any kind of landscape they can imagine.

We designed KeySCAPE with one goal in mind. We wanted to open up the world of landscape architecture with software that is so easy to use anyone can use it. It integrates perfectly with other design software, such as AutoCAD and Revit, allowing for landscape architects to design in the way best fitted to them.

Features integrated into KeySCAPE include site analysis, base planning, and ground modeling in order to make sure designs are as accurate as possible. We have fully integrated a golf course design module, and fully support elaborate planting plans like those developed at the London 2012 Olympics (for which our software was used).

Our planting database is second to none, with over 8000 plants on record. In the rare case that we do not have a plant on record, it can easily be imported or added manually.

For us, KeySCAPE feels like the next logical step in landscape design, allowing for 2D and 3D renderings to be made with the software.

We wanted to create the ultimate landscape architecture software, crafted for every designer, and built to help make concepts come to life. To do this we consulted with landscape architects across the globe, to create the ideal solution to help them.

To explore KeySCAPE and all of its capabilities, request a demo with our team today.